Shovler to Commemorate Juneteenth

Shovler is proud to announce that all employees will have off this friday in honor of Juneteenth.

We believe that it is important today to commemorate and celebrate Black history and culture, perhaps now more than ever.

Shovler believes in complete racial equality; period. We are proud to establish this friday as a day of reflection on what we can all do better to improve the current situation in America.


National Billboard Campaign!

We are proud to announce the launch of a new nationwide billboard campaign!

Send us pictures when you see them to!

Remember to download the Shovler App to get snow removed from your house and take back the fun snow days that you remember as a kid.

Keep your eyes out in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver and other areas!

The Shovler App is the easiest way to hire a snow shoveler.

Record Cold!


Please be safe out there during the record cold that we are seeing across the US and Canada. This Polar Vortex is nothing to take lightly.

We have raised prices in order to limit the amount of orders during this cold in order to keep shovelers safe and to compensate them for the difficult conditions.

Once again, if you are shoveling snow – make sure to take the proper precautions. Dress warm and take frequent breaks to go indoors.


Shovler Team

New Version of the Shovler App Released!

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Shovler App on Android or Apple!

The improvements for the latest release were primarily related to enhancing performance rather than adding functionality. Our view is why fix something that isn’t broke!

We spent a lot of time improving the app for shovelers including:

  • Adding cancellation fees to users that cancel
  • Increasing the search radius to 20 miles
  • Showing a circle around your search area
  • Working with Stripe to alleviate any issues

For users requesting snow removal, we tried to make the app even easier to use and added the ability to chat with shovelers after the job is submitted as Finished.

We’ve extended our promotion for shovelers to get reimbursed for a portion of their snow removal gear up to December 21st – so make sure to sign up now!

We are very excited about this winter and look forward to more snow!

El Niño Snowfall Projections put together a pretty interesting analysis of the projected snowfall for El Niño patterns.

In general, they found that “El Niño tends to produce less-snowy-than-average seasons in the northern tier of states, but a snowier-than-average southern tier.”

They also found that the positive or negative NAO has a major effect on the snowfall.

This is all the more reason to download the best snow removal app now. Whether you’re looking for someone to shovel your driveway, or looking to make money shoveling snow this winter, the Shovler App is your best friend. h


Become a Snow Shoveler and We’ll Buy you a Shovel (or Give You $10)!

Last winter, snow shovelers earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the Shovler App to find nearby jobs. We expect this year to be even bigger!

In case you haven’t heard about us, the Shovler App connects users in need of snow removal throughout the USA and parts of Canada, with users that are willing to shovel snow to earn extra money and help their neighbours.

Interested in becoming a snow shoveler this season but don’t have a shovel?

Register before December 21st to become a snow shoveler on the Shovler App, and we’ll reimburse you up to $30 for your shovel, snowblower, salt, or snow-brush.

If you already own a shovel, we’ll add $10 to your third job instead!

Reimbursement will be made after you complete 3 jobs through the app.

You must connect an active Stripe account to your Shovler account before December 21st to be eligible and full registration takes less than 10 minutes.


Terms and Conditions:

Offer is valid once per person and only valid for new accounts registered between October 14 and December 21st 2018.

User must email before May 15, 2019 with a copy of the receipt after completing 3 jobs to receive payment. An itemized receipt for snow removal gear must be from between October 14th and December 21st 2018.

Is shoveling snow a good way to get exercise during the winter?

We ran across this question recently on a message board and thought that the answers were worth sharing:

“Shoveling snow can be a very intense activity potentially improving your aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, and aid in weight loss. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing, including a hat and gloves. It is equally important to stay dry and wear proper footwear that repels moisture.

When shoveling snow use your legs to help lift the snow and concentrate on keeping your abdominals tight helping protect your low-back.”

“Yes! First, I would suggest to warm-up as one of my colleagues mentioned. Second, make sure to not do too much at one time (15-20 minutes or so) and use your legs to lift to protect your low back. Third, try one of the new ergonomic shovels with the curved handle which is good for pushing snow as well. I hope this helps and have fun!”

“It’s great! Warm up your trunk muscles a bit before you start with some easy twisting movements and stretch your lower back while you are standing, by hugging your knees into your chest, one at a time.”

Sign up for the Shovler App so you can find “exercise jobs” this winter 🙂

Always stay safe!