New Version of the Shovler App Released!

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Shovler App on Android or Apple!

The improvements for the latest release were primarily related to enhancing performance rather than adding functionality. Our view is why fix something that isn’t broke!

We spent a lot of time improving the app for shovelers including:

  • Adding cancellation fees to users that cancel
  • Increasing the search radius to 20 miles
  • Showing a circle around your search area
  • Working with Stripe to alleviate any issues

For users requesting snow removal, we tried to make the app even easier to use and added the ability to chat with shovelers after the job is submitted as Finished.

We’ve extended our promotion for shovelers to get reimbursed for a portion of their snow removal gear up to December 21st – so make sure to sign up now!

We are very excited about this winter and look forward to more snow!

El Niño Snowfall Projections put together a pretty interesting analysis of the projected snowfall for El Niño patterns.

In general, they found that “El Niño tends to produce less-snowy-than-average seasons in the northern tier of states, but a snowier-than-average southern tier.”

They also found that the positive or negative NAO has a major effect on the snowfall.

This is all the more reason to download the best snow removal app now. Whether you’re looking for someone to shovel your driveway, or looking to make money shoveling snow this winter, the Shovler App is your best friend. h