Historic Snow Storm Expected for the North East!!!


We generally don’t use three exclamation points in a title, but we feel like this storm warrants them!

The Twitterverse is going nuts about this storm with even Mike Trout getting in on the excitement:

The forecasts for the upcoming storm especially in the Boston area are pointing to this being an historic storm – the largest in modern history!:

We follow Mike Barletta’s forecasts and below are his current forecasts for this storm:

We are highlighting Boston, but everywhere from Southern NJ, through New York, including New York City, Connecticut and Massachusetts is expected to see massive amounts of snow fall.

If you are a shoveler:

  • ¬†Get your gear ready – Buying a snow blower will pay itself off in ~3 jobs during this storm alone. Have a backup shovel. Buy huge amounts of salt. Buy warm clothing – gloves, warm socks and boots. Bring extra socks in case!
  • Rest up – You will want to be ready to work this snow storm as pay per job is expected to be very high!
  • Stay safe!!! Remember to rest, take breaks, and take note of your health. Snow shoveling is surprisingly strenuous and people often don’t realize the work they are doing as they are focused only on the cold.

If you are a user:

  • We don’t allow pre-ordering of shovelers. Only order when you want a shoveler to arrive within the next 2-3 hours. During this storm, please have more patience and message your shoveler through the chat function on the app. Roads are going to be extremely difficult to traverse. Have patience.
  • Be prepared for higher than normal prices. Shovelers deserve fair compensation for their work and this storm will not be easy for them.

Please make sure to share the Shovler App with your friends and neighbors – both if they want to be a shoveler or a user. We truly appreciate all of your support!

We hope everyone is as excited about this snow storm as we are. Take some time to buy some firewood, hot cocoa, sleds, and anything else that will make this snow day special for you. It is looking like this will be one that we speak about for years to come!

Today’s Snow Storm – And Shoveler Tips!

The Shovler App was used today to complete hundreds of snow removal jobs from Minneapolis / St Paul, Minnesota (Twin cities) all the way to Rochester, New York . (The Chicago, Illinois area saw the most action.)

What made us especially happy was to see the amount of tips shovelers received throughout the country!

Over 75% of users tipped their shoveler and the tip amount to shoveler’s pay was on average over 30%! (The Shovler App¬†takes no fees on tips to shovelers.)

We are very happy to see people so appreciative of the hard work of the snow shovelers and show their gratitude by tipping them. It is definitely not easy to do snow removal in these freezing temperatures!

We just wanted to give a big “THANK YOU!” to the full shoveler platform community! It is the users and shovelers that make the Shovler App the amazing snow removal platform it has become.