ABC Chicago Met up with a Shoveler from the Shovler App!

ABC Chicago WindyCity Live met up with Jason Clark, a shoveler on the Shovler App, this week doing a job he accepted on the app. Here is a clip!

Although the clip is short, and doesn’t really do a great job of explaining the app, we love the clip because it shows just how great the Shovler community can be and the fun shovelers can have doing jobs.

A big thank you to Ji and Jason for being such great shovelers on the Shovler platform! And a big thank you to the rest of the tens of thousands of shovelers that are part of the Shovler community! You guys have been doing a fantastic job this winter.

We hope if you’re in Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit (or other areas nearby) that you’re ready for a lot of snow shoveling jobs as you’re about to be hit by major snow storm Mateo.

Remember to tell your friends about Shovler too as the more people that are active, the more jobs that will be available. Let them know that Shovler is the easiest way to hire a snow shoveler!

As always, the Shovler app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store.

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