What is the optimal way to shovel snow?

At Shovler, we are obsessed with finding out the healthiest and most efficient way to shovel snow. We have compiled below some of the best snow shoveling tips we developed through personal experience and lots of internet research.

  1. If a job is dangerous, don’t do it.
    Any job that seems dangerous for whatever reason, such as a driveway being extremely steep or just the amount of snowfall being more than you can handle, you should cancel on the Shovler app. There is no reason to risk life or injury over snow removal. You will never be penalized by Shovler for cancelling a job after realizing it is too much for you to do yourself.
  2. Get the right tools.
    Shovler does not supply snow shoveling tools to snow shovelers. Maybe in the future that will change, but for now shovelers are expected to invest in their own snow shoveling gear. That includes everything including shovels, snow brushes, and even an ice pick if needed.

    You should really think about buying your shovel as an investment. If you buy a lousy plastic shovel, it will make shoveling snow significantly harder and take a lot longer. The right shovel for the job makes shoveling snow a peaceful experience and keeps you healthy from injury.

  3. Use the right snow shoveling techniques.
    There are many articles on the internet such as this that explain proper techniques. We aren’t doctors so we don’t want to tell you which ones are correct but definitely look up on Google and Youtube what people are recommending.

Some of the best articles we found for additional tips of shoveling snow include:
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Remember, if you are unhealthy or over the age of 55 it can be considered unhealthy to shovel snow. Find a snow shoveler using the Shovler app instead.

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