Is shoveling snow a good way to get exercise during the winter?

We ran across this question recently on a message board and thought that the answers were worth sharing:

“Shoveling snow can be a very intense activity potentially improving your aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, and aid in weight loss. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing, including a hat and gloves. It is equally important to stay dry and wear proper footwear that repels moisture.

When shoveling snow use your legs to help lift the snow and concentrate on keeping your abdominals tight helping protect your low-back.”

“Yes! First, I would suggest to warm-up as one of my colleagues mentioned. Second, make sure to not do too much at one time (15-20 minutes or so) and use your legs to lift to protect your low back. Third, try one of the new ergonomic shovels with the curved handle which is good for pushing snow as well. I hope this helps and have fun!”

“It’s great! Warm up your trunk muscles a bit before you start with some easy twisting movements and stretch your lower back while you are standing, by hugging your knees into your chest, one at a time.”

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Always stay safe!

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