Today’s Snow Storm – And Shoveler Tips!

The Shovler App was used today to complete hundreds of snow removal jobs from Minneapolis / St Paul, Minnesota (Twin cities) all the way to Rochester, New York . (The Chicago, Illinois area saw the most action.)

What made us especially happy was to see the amount of tips shovelers received throughout the country!

Over 75% of users tipped their shoveler and the tip amount to shoveler’s pay was on average over 30%! (The Shovler App┬átakes no fees on tips to shovelers.)

We are very happy to see people so appreciative of the hard work of the snow shovelers and show their gratitude by tipping them. It is definitely not easy to do snow removal in these freezing temperatures!

We just wanted to give a big “THANK YOU!” to the full shoveler platform community! It is the users and shovelers that make the Shovler App the amazing snow removal platform it has become.

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