First Snow Day!

This weekend marked the first snow day that Shovler was active and operational.

Let me start off with our favorite feedback that we received today:

“amazing . who made this app . god bless him”

To sum it up, it was truly an amazing day – and one that surpassed even our wildest expectations. Not only did we receive our first snow removal orders, we also registered over 200 new snow shovelers.

Unfortunately we were not able to complete all of the snow shoveling job orders we received, even though some snow shovelers were in locations nearby them. This was likely due to many snow shovelers not setting up their Stripe accounts in order to receive payments.

If you want to be able to accept snow shoveling jobs on Shovler, you have to add your Stripe API Key! We can’t stress that enough. We understand that this is slightly annoying, but it is important because that is how you get paid.

It looks like there is a big snow storm on the horizon, including potentially New York City, our home base. Please prepare for the storm by inputting your Stripe API Key and buying a shovel!


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