Opening Operations in Colorado!

Today marked our first day operating in Colorado!

We originally weren’t going to focus much on this state, as it already has a very significant snow infrastructure, but we decided to give it a test run today anyways due to the major snowfall last night.

We were amazed at the demand for the app both from people in need of snow removal and snow shovelers looking for work. Hundreds of people have downloaded the app in Colorado over the last 24 hours.

Most of the jobs that have been completed so far on the Shovler App have been in the larger Denver area, and the average wait time for a snow shoveler to accept a job was under 2 hours.

We have been seeing lots of snow shovelers registering in Colorado Springs and Boulder too, and once we see many of them with Stripe accounts we will market more heavily in those areas.

Overall, today has been an exciting day for Shovler and we are happy to now be serving major cities in Colorado.

For those of you that have been happy using the app, please share the word on social media! The more jobs and snow shovelers we have registered, the more useful the app will be in the future.


The Gazette took note of our launch in Colorado Springs and Denver today!

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