Snow Season is Upon Us!

There have been lots of news reports lately about snowfall throughout North America, which is definitely good news for snow shoveling apps like Shovler.

The majority of the snowfall though has been, and is expected to be in Canada and the Midwest USA.

According to, snowfall accumulation is expected to reach nearly a foot in some places, but the majority of places will receive about 2-3 inches .

This has led us to receive many questions about where exactly are we operating this season.

The answer is, that since we have a limited marketing budget, our focus is strictly on New York City, but we have left the app open nationwide for any entrepreneurial snow shovelers that want to use the app in another location. It is a great way to coordinate snow shoveling in your area, and we hope that people that want to snow shovel spread the word.

Right now though we are focusing marketing efforts in New York City, so you will likely see less jobs in other areas outside of their. If you are a snow shoveler though outside, definitely download the app and see if there are users that have requested snow shoveling in your area. You never know!

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