Snow Shoveling App Competitors

We have put together a list of the competitors in the snow shoveling app industry.

Snow removal apps included are Shovler, Plowz & Mowz, TaskEasy, Eden App, and Lawn Guru. We have excluded apps that are only in Canada such as TouchPlow, SnowMowr and MowSnowPros. We also did not include any apps that have not been released or are not functional based on app store reviews.

What you will notice, is that Shovler has 3 major competitive advantages relative to the other apps:

  1. Pricing. On most of the other apps, you have to wait until someone bids your job and gives you a price. On Shovler we offer a one-tier price for all cars and homes. We do this because it is simply the easiest way to hire a snow shoveler.

    No need to negotiate prices. No need to wait until you receive a price bid. Yes, this means that in some cases you will pay $5-10 more than you would have if we measured everything to the square foot. We believe that our customers care more about the simplicity of ordering rather than saving a small amount of money.

  2. Method snow removal. Most other apps offer plows on demand. Shovler offers snow shovelers on demand.Although plows can definitely do a job quicker than a snow shoveler, the fact that there are fewer than them means that the time to get a plow to your house is usually significantly slower than ordering a snow shoveler. There just aren’t that many plows around so the wait time for them to get to your house can take a long time. Anyone who has had a service contract with a plow company can attest to the frequent complaint of customers only having a plow reach them 24 hours after the snow fall.


    Snow shovelers on the Shovler are asked to only accept jobs once they are ready to do them and that they should arrive to the job within 15-30 minutes. It may take them longer to do the job, but in the end, the job will usually be done before a snow plow would even have reached your home.

    Other negatives of plows relative to snow shovelers is that it also increases the possibility of damage to your driveway, some plow companies don’t offer sidewalk and walkway clearing, and if your car is parked in the driveway many plow companies will just skip that whole area.

  3. Car shoveling. One of the most unique features Shovler offers is the ability to hire a snow shoveler to dig out your car even if you parked on a city street. You simply show on the map where you parked with your car model and license plate and a snow shoveler will remove enough snow to allow you to exit the parking spot. Try to do that with a plow!


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